147 Claremont Street


For this project we refined some of the previous updates on the home.  Our goal was to boost the curb appeal of the home and improve the use of the 3 smaller bedrooms on the second floor.  We started outside cleaning up the front yard and front facade of the house.  We [...]

52 Pearson Avenue


For this project we added the finishing touches to this handsome Roncesvalles detached. Our goal was to pop the curb appeal of this beautiful home with some added form and function.  To start we put our client’s in touch with our roofers for a quick roof replacement of the front roof.  Our [...]

55 Delaney Crescent


For this project we did a refresh on this spacious Brockton Village home.  We rebuilt the front porch and railings, added a new mailbox and house numbers and then painted the full front.  We cleaned up the inside with a refinish on the hardwood floors, some fresh paint and a complete home [...]

3 Thorburn Avenue


For this project we put the finishing touches on this beautifully renovated Parkdale triplex.  The inside of the amazing home was already completely transformed, so we brought in our crew to finish the job on the exterior.  We built new front stairs, rebuilt the railings and spindles on both levels, adding new [...]

198 Brock Street


For this project on this detached Brockton Village home, we made some small changes that made a big difference.  Our goal was to freshen up the previous renovation inside and out.  We installed new evenly spaced exterior front stairs and gave the front of the house a fresh coat of paint.  Inside [...]

84 Marion Street


For this project we took this big, beautiful Roncesvalles semi and did a full update on the front of the house. We added a custom oversized front door, new mailbox, house numbers, light, door hardware, painted the full front and replaced the front stairs and railing. We planted a new garden, weeded and [...]

43 Delaney Crescent


For this project we made drastic changes to the front of this Brockton Village beauty.  Our goal was to modernize the home and create more practical space in this classic Toronto row house.  We started by removing the front awning and porch railing (the porch was only about 18” above the ground [...]

37 Delaney Crescent


For this project on this lovely Brockton Village row house, our goal was to boost the curb appeal.  We painted over the angel stone on the exterior of the house, changed the glass in the front door, added a new wood garbage containment, wood decking and railings, complimented by an updated mailbox, [...]

240 Perth Avenue


For this project we made various improvements on the exterior of this Wallace Emerson home.  Our goal was to improve the look and function of the outside of the home to match the more recently updated interior.  We replaced the glass in the front door, updated the mailbox, house numbers and door [...]

135 Marion Street


For this project we completed a full makeover of this beautiful Roncesvalles detached home.  Our goal was to unify and update the overall look of the home, inside and out.  On the exterior we installed new decking on the second floor balcony and added a second, higher railing to conform to current [...]

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